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Increased web application scalability and a consistent user experience 


Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM), California, USA

The Challenge

Spanning the world, Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM) has a portfolio of web applications for B2B licensing and music streaming through digital platforms on a royalty basis. Users log in, search, listen to, and download music for film, television, advertising, and interactive media productions. 

With a global audience active 24/7, traffic is often volatile with inconsistent load profiles. Spikes occur when users in Europe and the U.S. access the platform at the same time, impacting performance and the user experience. With limited scalability built into the original design, a new platform was needed to accommodate growth and traffic as UPPM expanded its catalog and onboarded new users.

“We needed a solution that could scale to meet our needs and was easy to run. This is our shop window. It has to be open 24/7.”


- Gary Gross, WW President of Universal Music Group

The Solution

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Unimbu architected and built a new scalable and secure web application solution with reduced operating costs.  The solution utilizes Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances together with Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to host the application and provide load balancing to handle load spikes for both the application and API services. Amazon CloudFront was used to deliver website and music content.

The Benefits

Using Amazon EC2 provides the platform UPPM needs to keep its “shop window” open and provide the user to experience with their clients’ demand. The solution scales seamlessly, serving variable load profiles and dynamically optimizing compute capacity to directly meet existing requirements. 

The solution also reduces UPPM’s operational costs since they no longer have to procure and manage their own servers. Using AWS for their test and development environments allows them to launch infrastructure-on-demand in a secure, cost-effective way based on the governance and standards set up by Unimbu.

Moreover, architecting the solution using AWS services allows UPPM to focus entirely on their platform's core functionality to better serve its customers and build the business.


“Kinny has the unique ability to get in and understand the business side of a project and then translate that into a workable project for his development team. He dug in deep to really understand the business … and helped to guide us in developing products and solutions that would give us an edge in a very competitive marketplace.”


- Gary Gross, WW President of Universal Music Group


•    Architected and built a new scalable and secure web application using AWS technologies
•    Ensured scalability with on-demand resources for all development landscapes
•    Reduced costs by outsourcing infrastructure deployment and management 
•    Enabled UPPM to focus on expanding its catalogue by acquiring new music collections

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