Why Cloud Computing is a Business Priority in 2019

Cloud computing delivers storage solutions remotely over the internet, for increased collaboration and flexible access. Cloud technologies have grown increasingly popular because they allow businesses to save the costs of operating on multiple computers and networks.

The innovative technology is also showing quick return on investment, fast deployment and easy customisation for businesses. Cloud computing offers many benefits to businesses across a wide scale of industries.

Here we look at why we believe cloud computing should be a priority for your business in 2019:

User Friendly Interface

Cloud computing offers a platform which is easy to navigate and manage. Administering user permissions and resources can easily be done, with minimal training. This can provide business managers with more control over who has access to confidential information and to monitor employee workloads.


In today’s business environment, many of us are on the move throughout the working week and therefore need our resources to adapt to our fast-paced work schedule. Cloud computing allows employees to access their files from any place and from any device with granted cloud access. This allows employees to continue working wherever they are.

Enhanced Security

Many people believe that cloud computing is taking businesses into the next level of data security. Most cloud services will come fully backed up and will allow you to retrieve and access your data for as long as it is saved on the cloud. However, just like any other technology, regular updates to keep your software protected is important.

Team Work

Cloud computing allows the whole team to work together on transferring files and making updates, being most beneficial when working on team projects. Allowing users to organise, edit and share documents on the move can help meet deadlines quicker and work together more collaboratively.

Reduced Costs

Rather than managing several on-site servers with the added operational costs, cloud migration can be a better alternative. As well as being less time consuming, all you need is a device to connect to the cloud for simple workload access. This allows you to invest the money you would be spending on hardware costs in more important business operations.

Getting Started

At Unimbu our expertise lies in constructing fully automated infrastructures with cloud computing, which introduce consistency and easy management. As well as cloud migration, we also offer Enterprise Cloud-Go and cloud training.

Our team are dedicated to delivering your cloud projects on time and within budget, every time. To get started with cloud computing, please complete our contact form to get in touch!

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