Improving business security and compliance with Cloud Computing

Security and compliance is an important factor for modern businesses, so finding the best systems to support safe and efficient running is essential.

Because of this, Cloud Computing has become an increasingly popular and effective solution for organisations of any size, offering a digitalised infrastructure developed with security in mind.

Here we look at some of the important ways that adopting Cloud Computing can help to make your business more secure and compliant.


Cloud computing systems are built to protect data, using the most advanced levels of online protection to combat hacking and safeguard against data loss. This offers peace-of-mind that company files and important documents are protected from unauthorised access.


Using a cloud storage system means that your company data is stored remotely and not on business hardware such as a mobile phone or laptop computer. If a device is lost or stolen the data held on the cloud cannot be viewed without a password or suitable verification, and access can be blocked.


Authorisation and access are key factors for safe and compliant data storage, so cloud computing systems allow businesses to control who can see sensitive information and who can’t. This allows real-time administration of access-rights across a business and each of its hardware devices.


The majority of cloud services are offered with a full back-up provision, allowing a business to retrieve and access data for as long as it is saved to the cloud. This is an important factor when limiting the effect of catastrophic data loss that could have serious implications for a company.


One of the key advantages of maintained cloud systems is that they are constantly updating and evolving, offering your company the most up-to-date software and processes. This applies to all security and compliance systems, offering peace-of-mind that your protection is up to date.

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If you would like to find out more about the cloud computing services we offer and how implementation can benefit businesses of all sizes, please contact the expert team at Unimbu today.

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