A short introduction to Digital Transformation

Put simply, Digital Transformation is the integration of new digital technology across every area of business infrastructure, from software to handheld devices.

From upgraded hardware to innovative cloud computing systems, these upgrades help to fundamentally change how a company operates internally, and continually improve how it delivers services to their clients.

To help you understand more here we offer a short introduction to how digital transformation can benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes in 2019.


Digital transformation is centred on offering a quicker and more efficient infrastructure for businesses. This can be used to improve a wide range of operational applications, from email and document storage to software upgrades and satellite working, helping to make businesses more streamlined and providing long-term contingency measures.


Modern businesses are rarely completely office based, so the ability to share information between employees and clients wherever they are in the world is essential. Cloud computing systems partnered with upgraded devices such as mobile phones and laptops allow businesses to collaborate from pretty much anywhere!


In the modern era of cyber-crime and hacking it is more important than ever for business information to be safe and secure. Digital transformation is highly focused on improving the security measures that protect a company’s computer-based documentation, helping to ensure that important data never finds its way into the wrong hands.


Although Digital Transformation requires staged investment from a business, the long term savings are significant. Upgraded cloud systems reduce the need for expensive software upgrades, extend the useful life-span of expensive hardware, and prevent the potentially costly business effects of deleted documentation and catastrophic data loss.

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Based in central London, Unimbu has a comprehensive suite of solutions to help your organisation build and manage effective, efficient and cost-effective Cloud Computing solutions as part of your Digital Transformation goals.

If you would like to find out more about the cloud computing services we offer and how implementation can benefit businesses of all sizes, please contact the expert team at Unimbu today to find out more.

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