How Cloud Collaboration Empowers Your People

Cloud collaboration has certainly revolutionised the modern workplace. As well as changing the way we store and transfer data, the cloud has allowed for new levels of freedom and collaboration. By providing the opportunity for employees to work remotely, stay in the loop and collaborate, whether they are in the office, at home or anywhere in the world, the cloud empowers your people.

By providing a greater level of mobility for the people within your organisation, cloud collaboration helps to promote increased productivity and communication. This is especially valuable at a time like this, where so many people are working from home; for some organisations who are not as greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is practically business as usual thanks to the cloud.

Here are some of the ways that the cloud empowers your people, and therefore empowers your organisation:

Improved collaboration

Cloud collaboration not only keeps individuals within a certain team in touch, but also improves collaboration between different teams within an organisation. Through technology such as emailing, instant messaging, screen sharing, audio and video conferencing, and task management software, teams can work together effectively, with complete normal functionality.

All teams and individuals within the organisation can stay up to date, in the loop, and therefore, stay productive.

Keeping abreast of all tasks

Cloud computing allows for information to be updated in real time so all relevant people can keep track of the progress of individual tasks, even when in different timezones, in some situations. This technology helps organisations to identify potential productivity bottlenecks or issues, and make the right actions to ensure a project or task stays on the right course.

Promotes a culture of transparency

Cloud collaboration helps to empower your people to feel empowered through continuous, open lines of communication. By sharing regular updates with all employees, this sows the seeds for a transparent working culture.

Accessible data

Moving data from an in-house server to the cloud should be a priority for any business. Keeping all data in house can create a lot of difficulties when it comes to remote teams’ access. Whilst alternatives such as VPN servers are available, these connections can be a hindrance to productivity, as they can be very slow. In contrast, cloud data gives instant access to the information that your people need.

Empower your team

To learn more about the benefits of the cloud and cloud collaboration, call Unimbu today on 020 3633 3913. You’ll be surprised at just how much the cloud can empower and free your people.

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