The cost-effective qualities of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing helps businesses to become more efficient and streamlined and can also play a significant role in reducing IT costs and stabilising infrastructure budgets.

Here we look at just a few of the cost-effective features of Cloud Computing systems that can help to save money for companies of any size or nature of business.

External Servers

One of the most significant ways that Cloud Computing reduces IT costs is by outsourcing the server requirements of a business. Adopting a cloud service means that servers will be hosted externally, meaning your company will no longer have to house, manage and maintain a physical server on site.

Computer Costs

Because Cloud Computing exists almost exclusively through the internet, the demands of computers and their operating systems are hugely reduced because software and storage are accessible online. This plays a significant role in extending the working life of computer hardware, saving businesses time and money.


Cloud Computing can be tailored to the exact needs of your business, meaning you don’t have to pay for any services that you don’t need. You can even choose to raise or reduce server requirements based on business need (daytime, weekends etc) offering a high level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Reduced maintenance

When a computer system encounters performance issues or requires essential maintenance, this can result in considerable and costly downtime for a business. With a Cloud Computing service in place, the health and performance of servers is under constant review, making outages less likely.


Cloud Computing systems are designed with high level data security in mind, meaning that company data is safe and secure. Reverting to a cloud system offers excellent protection against the costly effects of cyber-attacks and irretrievable data loss.

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Unimbu has a comprehensive suite of solutions to help your organisation build and manage effective, efficient and cost-effective Cloud Computing solutions tailored to your operational needs.

If you would like to find out more about cloud computing and how implementation can benefit businesses of all sizes, please contact the expert team at Unimbu today.

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