How Cloud Computing is tailored for business needs and budgets

Cloud computing is suitable for businesses of any size, offering tailored services that are built around the needs of an organisation, not what is offered in a set package.

This means that businesses can benefit from affordable and appropriate cloud computing support that offers the right level of service at a suitable level of cost.

Here we look at the key ways that cloud computing can meet the digital needs of your business without breaking the budget.

Scalable services

Every element of a cloud computing package can be scaled to suit the needs of your business, and can even be tailored to meet operational needs. For example, you can choose to reduce services during the times that your business is closed and raise them during working hours, making your company more functional when it needs to be and saving the cost of using a full service during downtime.

Flexible server costs

Cloud computing allows server care and maintenance to be outsourced, saving your business the time and money taken up by having a physical server on site. Server requirements can also be metered to suit the requirements of your business, so you can adjust price and capacity based on current need.

Software updates

One of the most expensive and time-consuming tasks for any business is the updating and upgrading of software packages such as Word or Excel. Thankfully, cloud computing systems manage and maintain the software used by your business, allowing peace of mind that everything is up-to-date.

Secure systems

Cloud computing is designed to offer the highest standards of online security, protecting your business from cyber-attacks and data loss regardless of the size of your organisation. This helps to keep your business safe, secure and protected against the threat of cybercrime.

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Based in central London, Unimbu has a comprehensive suite of solutions to help your organisation build and manage effective, efficient and cost-effective Cloud Computing solutions.

If you would like to find out more about the cloud computing services we offer and how implementation can benefit businesses of all sizes, please contact the expert team at Unimbu today.

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