Build Your New Business Around Cloud Computing

cloud computing

When you start a new business there are many things to consider and plan. Perhaps one of the areas that many start-ups need guidance with is how and where to store their digital files and assets. With floppy discs and USB sticks a thing of the past, there are now much more innovative ways to store your company information and data.

The type of technology that you use in your business can be instrumental in your success, and here at Unimbu, we believe that cloud computing offers one of the best ways to build your new business and help it thrive. Here’s why:

1. Security

Working with a renowned cloud services provider means you can store your data securely, without having to manage security systems. With cloud computing, the provider must ensure that their infrastructure is secure and that their clients’ data and applications are adequately protected from hacking. When used in conjunction with strong passwords and authentication, this type of computing offers a much more secure way of storing and retrieving data.

2. Collaborative working

The ability to edit shared files, share calendars and work on documents simultaneously means your team can work quickly and collaboratively, saving time and fundamentally, increasing profits. Cloud computing truly is collaborative working at its best.

3. Enhancing productivity

Having the facility to access data wherever and whenever you and your team are makes the work process incredibly intuitive and can enhance productivity. With cloud storage, you can go back as far as you like, safe in the knowledge that you can find what you need to get the job done. That means there’s no more rooting around in files to find the document you need – everything is stored in one place.

4. Cloud storage scales with you

When you’re starting your new business, you may not need a great amount of cloud storage. But as your new venture grows, you may need to increase your capacity. Traditionally, this was an expensive and time-consuming process, but with cloud computing, it’s easy. Cloud storage offers the flexibility and scalability that your new business needs, and there’s no worry about whether you’re going to run out of space on your hard drive or hosting plan.

5. Your files are kept up to date

Most cloud storage systems automatically synchronise, so when you save a document, it automatically saves across all devices. This means you haven’t got five versions of the same document flying around, but also that your documents are up to date across all platforms and users. This offers a far more straightforward way of working and ensures time is not spent editing the wrong version of a document.

6. Ease of use

Cloud computing is simple to set up and easy to maintain. It also has less technical issues, meaning you can save money on repair bills. What’s more, it is often reported to be one of the easiest computing systems to use, thanks to its modern approach to technology.

Overall, the cloud saves you time, money and the headaches that can arise when you run out of storage space. With the cloud, the sky really is the limit!

Here at Unimbu, we’re committed to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes use new digital technology to build bigger and more profitable businesses. If you’re ready to find out how we can supercharge your start-up or existing business, please contact us.

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