10 Ways Cloud Computing Improve Office Efficiency

Cloud computing is transforming the way businesses around the world are operating, as it brings benefits for flexibility and easy accessibility. Moving your business into the cloud can also help improve office efficiency in many ways, and here are our Top 10:

1. Cost Effective

The scalability of cloud computing helps your business save money already. But also having no requirement for any capital expenditure on infrastructure hardware or servers, means that you are not required to pay an upfront investment and instead only pay for what you use.

2. Act Fast

Cloud computing is capable of speeding up development times so that your business can launch new products and services at a faster rate – giving you an advantage over competitors.

3. Cloud Migration

Migrating the applications you are currently using to the cloud environment can be a very tedious task, especially when you don’t have the appropriate tools available.

However, with Unimbu our expert team are here to support start-ups and enterprises with the migration process, working with you every step of the way.

4. Reliable Data Security

When devices containing private data are lost, it can be very stressful trying to retrieve the data in hope that no one gets hold of it. However, when said data is stored with cloud technologies, retrieving and protecting the data can be a lot more straight forward.

5. Reliable Service

With an average outage of 7.5 hours per year, cloud computing has a 99.9% availability rate, so you can rely it will always be there for you and your team.

6. Data Backup

Cloud-based storage solutions allows businesses to safeguard their data more effectively. Previously, a lot of small businesses were unable to pay for costly disaster recovery systems, making cloud computing a more affordable option.

7. Reduced Carbon Footprint

As the requirements for your cloud computing changes, your server is able to adapt its capacity. Therefore, you will only be using the energy you require to save you from leaving oversized carbon footprints.

8. Efficient Collaborations

If you’re managing a large-scale business where you have teams operating in multiple locations, cloud computing provides flexibility as all essential documents and data can be stored in one place for easy accessibility.

9. Managing Growth

Cloud technology is scalable, so it can adapt to growth and busy periods within the workplace. Being a small business entrepreneur can make it difficult to predict what your business will need to meet client demands, to ensure you can agree to any project, no matter the size. For example, cloud computing can grant you access to a variety of tools and documents without having to plan too much in advance.

10. Time Effective

With the advanced technology of cloud computing, the cloud is capable of adopting, decreasing development cycles and quickening the deployment of new products. It also provides agility for less time wasting and less of your budget being used in the long-run. As well as allowing your team to focus their time, motivation and expertise on the business’ core projects.

If you’re interested in introducing cloud computing to your workplace for improved office efficiency and team productivity, view our cloud services today.

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