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Streamlined data ingestion and ingestion for rapid music onboarding


Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM), California, USA

The Challenge

Operating worldwide, Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM) provides licensed music for businesses to use in their productions. As a result, they’re always acquiring new music catalogs with hundreds of albums and thousands of music tracks and related images. Each audio file comes with complex metadata and copyright data that must be transcoded and stored in multiple formats and ingested into global systems.

However, the human resources required to manage the labor-intensive task of validating the metadata and copyright data each time a new music catalog was acquired, was delaying time to market and becoming an issue.

“We needed a solution that could reduce the time to ingest the music and reduce our operational costs while increasing the accuracy of the data.”


- Vicki Garton, Head of Digital at UPPM

The Solution

Leveraging the capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Unimbu designed and architected an innovative ingestion tool to ingest and validate the metadata, flagging any issues detected. Once the data is validated, the related music and images are loaded into the global system and made available to users for download.

The Unimbu solution uses a combination of Amazon Lambda, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). The built-in AWS integration allows for a solution to be quickly created and deployed via Amazon Cloud Formation. 

The audio files are uploaded to Amazon S3. Once the metadata is validated using Lambda—an event-driven, serverless computing platform—as many containers as are needed are spun up to transcode the music and store it in different formats. Each file is then tagged with the relevant metadata before being stored back in Amazon S3.

The Benefits

Using AWS means that UPPM can ingest music easily, quickly, and cost-efficiently without needing to procure and manage their servers. As a serverless, managed solution, there is no financial or resource overhead associated with patching servers or upgrading to the latest application platforms. Being able to scale seamlessly and ingest multiple different catalogues without additional infrastructure or support, not only accelerates time-to-market but also allows UPPM to reduce and refocus their workforce on business priorities.

“Kinny has excellent project management and stakeholder engagement skills … He has built several project teams and leads by empowering colleagues by creating a positive, inclusive environment that enables the team and individuals to develop and deliver a successful outcome.”


– Paul Gillis, VP of North American Administration at UPPM


•    Architected and built a new ingestion and validation platform using AWS technologies
•    Ensured scalability with on-demand resources that can quickly be spun up
•    Reduced costs by eliminating manual processes and outsourcing infrastructure 
•    Enabled UPPM to accelerate time-to-market for newly acquired music catalogues