Deployment & Operations

With deployment key to success in this new cloud world, our DevOps engineers will ensure the availability, performance, scalability, and security of your cloud solutions.  We’ll tailor your DevOps to support a fully automated cloud infrastructure pipeline enforcing quality and consistency across all levels of your development lifecycle using continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

Unfortunately, developers often have to contend with bottlenecks, including CI/CD performance issues and delays in testing. Surveys indicate that only one-third of projects finish on time, and less than half come in on budget. And with security a priority, close collaboration between security and development teams is also required to keep up with the rapid development cycles without introducing unnecessary exposure with each update.

Accelerating the development life cycle without sacrificing the integrity of features and updates, we’ll apply and train your team on the following DevOps best practices to achieve predictable and reliable release management:

  • Agile planning with user stories sized correctly sized and rolled up into an epic representing a standalone feature

  • Efficient management of source code, schemas, user interfaces, access control rights, and icons and images

  • Automated functional testing and quality control with complimentary manual unit tests

  • Automated, incremental release management based on rigorous verification controls

  • Automated configuration testing and end-user access rights

  • Operations monitoring for availability, performance, data access, and usage