Amazon Web Services | Unimbu | UK

With over 8 years of AWS migration experience, we have the ability to leverage a variety of open source and AWS tools to unleash the true power of the AWS.

  • The ability to trigger lambda functions based on certain events in the infrastructure is truly powerful. Unimbu leverages AWS Lambda to automate different infrastructure-related tasks.  

  • Spot instances AWS allows you to bid on unused capacity at the fraction of the cost, which is great for batch processing applications. Not only does this save you money, but it also gives us the ability to build ephemeral infrastructures to enable spot instances. 

  • Auto-scaling. We take auto-scaling to new heights by building cloud solutions that scale up and down based on load metrics. To ensure the best results, we build new environments based on each pull request.

  • AWS CloudFormation allows you to treat AWS resources as infrastructure-as-code. Combining cloud formation with AWS Lambda provides amazing capabilities, which simply aren’t possible in a traditional infrastructure. For more information about how we do this, read our blog post here.

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Microsoft Aure Cloud Services | Unimbu | United Kingdom

Microsoft Azure is a suite of cloud services that can be used to build, deploy and manage applications through Microsoft's worldwide network of datacenters.  Azure provides the flexibility to build and deploy where you need to, using tools, applications, and frameworks of your choice. 

You can choose how you want to deploy Azure, connecting Cloud and on-premise with hybrid capabilities, using open-source technology. 

Here at Unimbu we have been pioneers in Azure and believe that successful cloud adoption, is to adopt the best of breed cloud services across the primary cloud platforms.  We have been working with our customers to rearchitect, build and migrate application workloads to Microsoft Azure.

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Google Cloud Platform is part of the Google Cloud offering.  Its business solutions include Google Maps, Android, Chrome, and G Suite — a suite of intelligent apps for email, documents, calendars and cloud storage.

Google Cloud offers future-proof infrastructure, seriously powerful data and analytics, and no-ops, just code. It comes with everything you need to build and scale, including storage and databases, networking, big data, machine learning, management tools, developer tools, and access control.

As a Google Cloud Partner, Unimbu has a comprehensive suite of solutions to help your organization architect, build and manage the Google Cloud services. Whether it is building custom applications on Google Cloud Platform, or using the cloud to transform the way they do business. We can help your company, transform the way you work using Google Cloud.

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