Architecture & Processes

Key to increasing agility and efficiencies, a well-architected application framework—along with processes enabling continuous delivery—allows you to cope with sustained pressure and meet the demands of the business. We’ll work closely with both business stakeholders and your development team to architect your cloud with the services, processes, and governance models you need to support your business objectives and empower your employees.

Enterprise Architecture

Your cloud architecture defines how individual technologies are brought together and integrated to create clouds— elastic IT resources that are abstracted, pooled, and shared—to meet the specific needs of your business. It includes determining and choosing either the right cloud partner or the correct composition of on-premise hardware, middleware, management, and automation software that complements and leverages your existing investments.

Different industries and enterprises have different go-to-cloud priorities. Navigating the choices—public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud architecture—to meet your priorities requires a well-run enterprise architecture program. That’s where we can help. We’ll put together a plan based on best practices for IT strategy, business policy, organizational planning, and stakeholder decision-making to streamline and accelerate your cloud transformation.


Transforming your existing architecture to one that encompasses cloud computing services of an enterprise requires a clearly defined framework and processes to manage each stage of cloud adoption. Irrespective of whether your focus is on controlling costs, driving growth, or increasing efficiency, it’s crucial that the processes and governance are in place to ensure oversight and enable course correction to deliver agility continually.

Our cloud architecture and process services encompass both the enterprise architecture framework and the processes required for migrating to and adopting cloud services. We’ll help you develop—and execute—each of the following:

  • Cloud Business Case

  • Cloud Adoption Strategy

  • Cloud Adoption Planning

  • Cloud Transition Planning

  • Cloud Implementation Planning & Governance

As part of the process, we’ll also identify obsolete technologies and create an agile operating model that will allow you to scale seamlessly to meet future needs.