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Universal Music Group (UMG), California, USA

The Challenge

Universal Music Group (UMG) is one of the world’s largest music companies. With systems and applications hosted by DXC managed services comprising a significant proportion of their operating budget, UMG was looking for ways to save money without compromising their IT capabilities. 

Also, with weeks—if not months—required to procure and commission servers, UMG’s technology teams wanted to become more agile and nimble. Lengthy procurement windows were preventing them from implementing agile best practices that would allow them to accelerate release cycles, impacting their time-to-market. 


“Together with Unimbu, we started small and migrated a few teams to the cloud at first. Then Unimbu supported us on the journey as we set up Cloud governance, cost optimizations, and best practice for us to manage all our development teams globally.”


- Brian Rafeedy, Senior Director of Solutions Architecture at Universal Music Group

The Solution

Unimbu recommended that UMG migrate from a hosted environment to Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most advanced cloud offering at the time. Using a phased approach underpinned by cloud best practices, they first set up and migrated the development environments to AWS, before moving the production systems at a later date.

Depending on the business need and budget available, some applications were rehosted using a simple “lift and shift” move into production on AWS. However, wherever possible, a modern application architecture using AWS services and cloud-native application development was recommended to ensure scalability and longevity.

The Benefits

The benefits of migrating to AWS were immediate and exceeded expectations. Not only did it increase agility for delivering their applications and systems, but it also saved UMG 30% in managed services costs. Based on decades of experience, Unimbu also provided invaluable advice on how to leverage the cloud and:

  • Ensure processes and procedures are continually improved

  • Monitor applications to deliver ongoing business value

  • Secure and ensure the integrity of data in the cloud, in transit, and at rest

  • Apply controls to detect and thwart security threats

  • Build scalable applications with built-in resilience and recoverability

  • Increase efficiency by optimizing service usage based workload requirements

  • Monitor performance for accurate insights for making informed decisions

  • Analyze spend over time for optimal cost management



“I have had the pleasure of working with Kinny for the past 10 years and have learned a lot from him. He has a rare skill set and leadership that enables him to cast a vision, meet business needs, and communicate with the client community—and through it all, he is a pleasure to work and partner with. He has the ability to take business needs and wisely match them to solutions that are innovative, practical, and have an eye towards the future.”


– Brian Rafeedy, Senior Director of Solutions Architecture at Universal Music Group


  • Migrated all application landscapes from a hosted environment to AWS

  • Increased agility and ensured on-demand scalability for rapid application development

  • Reduced operational costs by up to 30% with increased transparency and control

  • Enabled UMG to focus on product development and speeding time-to-market

  • Provided standards for governance, ensuring a stable platform for business growth

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