So, you want to go to the cloud but need help getting there. 
From ideas to innovation, we’ll guide you every step of your journey.

Cloud is critical to driving growth in today’s fast-paced, global market where innovation, speed, and agility rule. However, navigating the myriad of cloud technologies, solutions, services, and providers can be more like escaping from a maze than embarking on an exciting journey. That’s where we can help.

We’re an independent boutique technology consultancy specializing in helping organizations leverage the capabilities of the cloud to innovate, disrupt, transform, and grow. Our services include but are not limited to—the following:

  • Business/IT alignment to speed up and streamline digital transformation and cloud adoption

  • Project recovery for getting your project back on track irrespective of the current state

  • Product management accelerating time-to-market by leveraging Agile best practices

  • Project management delivering end-to-end, full life-cycle projects on time and within budget

  • Coaching and mentoring CxOs and cloud teams to help accelerate results

Whether it’s advising, complementing, or cross-training your team, we’ll seamlessly fit in—working the way that suits you best. We’ve helped dozens of organizations harness the power of the cloud to increase agility, unlock insights, identify new opportunities, accelerate time-to-revenue, and reduce costs.

Simplifying and accelerating your cloud journey...

Leveraging experience and best practices, we offer a complete suite of advisory services to guide you throughout your cloud journey.

Strategy & Alignment

Reducing time-to-value, accelerating innovation, and driving continuous improvement, we’ll help you create a comprehensive cloud roadmap through discovery workshops, business case creation, and internal alignment and adoption.

Architecture & Processes

Increasing agility, optimising efficiencies, and supporting growth, we’ll architect your cloud with the services, processes, governance, and advanced analytics you need to enable your business and empower your employees.

Applications & Data

Optimising efficiencies, increasing flexibility, reducing costs, and delivering rich user experiences, we’ll assess, rationalise, and plan the migration of your application portfolio to the optimal cloud-native, hybrid destination with minimal risk. 

Deployment & Operations

Ensuring availability, scalability, security, and performance, we’ll tailor your DevOps to support a fully automated cloud infrastructure enforcing quality and consistency across all levels of your development lifecycle.

Product Management

Developing a strategic and actionable product road map tailored to meet the goals of your company, we’ll help bridge the gap between you and potential customers, ensuring your product strategy meets both the needs of the consumer and your revenue goals.

Project Recovery

Understanding that even the best-planned projects run into unexpected problems, we’ll assess the current state of your project, identify challenges, develop a detailed project recovery plan, and support you every step of the way as you get back on track.

Project Management

Providing end-to-end, life-cycle strategy services, our team of professional project managers will ensure delivery of your cloud project with all its planned features and functions on time and within budget—every time.

Knowledge Sharing & Training

Empowering your people and future-proofing your business, we’ll work side-by-side with your team, sharing our expertise and experience to stimulate innovation and growth and enable better, faster decision-making.  

… based on a commitment to engagement, innovation, and best practices 

Combining your business knowledge with our strategic thinking, technological expertise, and industry experience, we’ll help you navigate the complexities of cloud to transform your business, increase agility, and create competitive differentiation. 

Offering unrivaled industry expertise and experience, we have the focus, passion, and commitment to ensure the success of your project.

Enjoy incremental value with an agile approach delivering continuous improvement, reduced time-to-market, and accelerated time-to-revenue.

Learn about cloud trends, the technologies we use, the best practices we leverage, the partners we work with, and the success of our clients.

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Client's Testimonials

“Kinny has the unique ability to get in and understand the business side of a project and then translate that into a workable project for his development team. He didn't just listen to what the business team wanted, he dug in deep to really understand the business both from a big picture and a granular POV. He spent the time to learn about the competitive landscape and helped to guide us in developing products and solutions that would give us an edge in a very competitive marketplace. Kinny's affable style helped him to work well with both C-level executives as well as front line employees.” 

—  Gary Gross, WW President, Production Music Group at Universal Music

Do you want a smooth, seamless cloud journey?

Irrespective of where you are on your cloud journey, if you’re looking for an experienced but independent cloud partner who can give you the help you need and deliver peace of mind, we can help.